#57 It’s a beautiful life

It's a beautiful life, Pulled myself out the hole, Trying to get the gold, Amongst everything that was told, There's no time to let it go, It's a beautiful life. Good morning, Wake up Jason and earn, Cheated on every test, On this day I become legendary. Not scared of the future, Hearing threats about … Continue reading #57 It’s a beautiful life

#56 A fall day amongst spirits

Fly like a eagle, into the rain, Resting a little when I can, Rain drops splashing on my cheeks. Taking a two hour walk, listening to podcast. When I get back I'll have a carmel machiatto. A glass of water faintly will also do the trick. My arms expose my bones, Engines drown out my … Continue reading #56 A fall day amongst spirits

#55 Supreme redrum

Style from New York to Nigeria, Spoken through the monitor with the wisdom of a dynamical professor, Word cannon processor, The militant ancestors, Caputured your mind and put it in isolation, Control the soul automation. Mechanical slaves, Moses celebrating withs guns and roses. Tongues symbolic to a ax, In the world like I'm Mad Max, … Continue reading #55 Supreme redrum

#53 Its pouring rain

Prestigious Jesus while my actions are one with the seasons. City lights spark a New York nightMartini sippin, Manifesting the do or die slogan. Currency is in trust of the Messiah, So spend it to get higher, Like earth wind and fire. Skies are misty, My life predicted by a gypsy. Condo's are tomb proof, … Continue reading #53 Its pouring rain

#52 The infamous

The game I'm above it, Under pressure, My rebellion, having the whole NY state aiming at your face. The days are numbered in low digits, Grade A something delicious. Using me as a crutch. Hitting like a sledge hammer, With platinum grammer, Figuring I'm a apostle, Dont act hostile, Like hurricanes and typhoons, Eyes on my … Continue reading #52 The infamous

#51 Its Christmas time

No need to be afraid, Letting in light, Banishing the shade. Spreading a smile of joy, Throwing your arm around the world at Christmas time. Say a prayer and pray for those less fortunate, At Christmas time, For the world outside your window, And the Christmas bells that ring, and thank god for this day. … Continue reading #51 Its Christmas time

#50 To the militia

All seasons for all reasons. Dearly departed. Reminiscent, inhaling chocolate, To my nemesis pardon, Partners in crime and corner the market. Pardon my persona, My aura glistens, Devise plots and propositions, Walk slow, patrolling all existence, The key to New York, plus suites for secret mamis, Leaving all the horrors behind me, Just tryna breeze … Continue reading #50 To the militia

#49 Imperial back at it

Feeding you jewels, The taint of blood from a cursed scholar from Cruger Ave. Rehearse poems, Repent for the sins That torment the worst souls, A king's words, Covered in jewelry, Fighting my demons, I'm weaving the first blows, A morbid tale of those who often fail, Library's with lies buried already lost the trail. … Continue reading #49 Imperial back at it

#47 Closed caskets and open doors

Killing for power before ghost reform. Birth into a revolution I never chose, Grew up kinda cold but I never froze. Death is king and guns are crowned. Living is a fight and I'm a challenger. I dont brag I breathe, Sent from above without a directors cut, When your fantasy becomes your reality and … Continue reading #47 Closed caskets and open doors

#46 Breaking the chain

Staking a claim, Putting my groundwork before I make a name. Writting the Bible to the game, Now its time to white out the blunders, A few testaments, A new exodus Scripture by scripture, True excellence, Can't leave it up to God, because I'm a true pessimist, It was dead and gone untill I blew … Continue reading #46 Breaking the chain

#45 Hate when it’s suitable

Glance at the scripts, but never knowing the plots, Ability to read a room is the reason I stay home a lot. You adapted to the dark, I was born in it. Storm off the paper horrific, Giants dont involve midgets, Money doesn’t grow on tree's, but I see the roots of evil, Who is … Continue reading #45 Hate when it’s suitable