#44 Thinking about self

Unless I'm insane. Screw all the fairy tales. I brainstorm Hurricane Sandy's and I write Katrinas, Vivid dreamer, Looking for a pot to whip Farina, Sick demeanor, Tigers dont dance in the dessert. Use your passion. You can get dragged to Hell just to view some action, If your spoiled you'll end up a rotten … Continue reading #44 Thinking about self

#43 Trying to break into it

Addicted to trauma, My soul vicious as Dahmer, My soul dipped into armor, Crossing over getting stripped by Mambas, Indigenous monsters, Life is a blessing, lets stick to this mantra. My renditions are harsher, My free thoughts worth its weight in gold, Never taught to think, but take the safest road, Save your soul, Might … Continue reading #43 Trying to break into it

#40 Who do you believe in

Unleash the beast thats inside of me flippin, Now or never, Sound the alarm lever, Another shady mission, Enough with shady tricks, Blind insanity, Destined for a plan for me, Close my eyes and see pain, The worlds crazy. Maybe Im lost, Being cautious trying to play my cards right, At the bottom of the … Continue reading #40 Who do you believe in

#39 A true love song

In lifes young world, The blood running without tools. Mental expander, Im the highlander. So whats all the propaganda. Contest on this conquest, This poem voyager, Verses deadly, A forcefield my shield, Like a ancient warrior, Trapped in transylvania, Strategize a invasion, The mission with assasinations, and snipers, To control the globe and hold the … Continue reading #39 A true love song

#38 Wake up

Play ball with the nine planets, And the 10 commandments. Intelligence doesn't vanish, No sovereignty for a civilized society. Many wives and many rymes, Scientifically designed, Poem like a word landmine, Hitting like a hammer upon a dollar sign, Like the bridges I burn, To light my way to Heaven or Hell, Apocalypse ahead of … Continue reading #38 Wake up

#37 I am here

I am here, Everything is temporary, This too shall rot, Intimacies that did not destroy us, A dance through time, With rebel blondes, Drinking peach milk, Swallowing her cruelty, Noteworthy feast. There is no end only transformation, Turn it to wine, turn it to gold, The double white line, Uptalk lucky, Surviving inside the human … Continue reading #37 I am here

#36 Heaven and Hell

Heaven or Hell. 8 billion stories to tell, 9 planets keeping orbit faithfully, The universe expands length. My body possessed extra strength to uplift, Terrorizing inferno burning so hot through my journal, Like on Broadway surpassing all the hurdles. Keep your alarms set to hear the street yelling freedom rings. It's dangerous to dream, Killing … Continue reading #36 Heaven and Hell

#35 Transparent

So transparent easy to see through. Trying to defeat me, Its just the first quarter, and the plan is to feed millions, and walk on water, Reflect the principles that will keep you invincible. Moving in silence in New York, Self made, made to order, Blood is thicker then water, So unpredictable, Haunted by my … Continue reading #35 Transparent

#33 Seen by a king

Seen by a king, And a phophetic vision. Special broadcast with comcast, Boosting ratings. Fashion my first tool the pen, And built a complex, And a network of communication. Masonic marvel and drop the next novel and marvel. Love and hatred, I believe the woman is the most sacred. Might have to skip town for … Continue reading #33 Seen by a king

#32 Immortal face

Immortal face. A 100 winters, Im updated like the beastOf ancient, 9 digits and mind physics, Pyro arithmetic. God of the new Bible, Lake of fires, revival and old idols. Jezebel days, With microchip phones. Im home grandma biblical. Seductive how the devil moves, Amongst Gods throne, For every Jesus, theres a Judas thats caryying. … Continue reading #32 Immortal face

#31 Voyage into darkness

Pen upon the sheet, Release the chronicles, Articles reads astronomical. Using the beast fuel. Cold summers and warm winters. Old woman and old numbers, Falling off my calender. God's algebra, The lord challenger. Im back to reign, My name amongst the kings, The new regime. Plot confusions and watch illusions. To hell we headed. Eating … Continue reading #31 Voyage into darkness

#30 Writing in my notepad

Writting in my notepad, Flipping through samples, Finding more gold as I dig through the dirt, With a shovel, Throwing flames. She's my lottery pick. Stop me cold, Another body caught, watch me freeze. Why do I take souls? In my heart and my right hand, Jealousy and envy, but no more. What happens worldwide, … Continue reading #30 Writing in my notepad