Hell I wrote #73

Eternal bleeding, Oils, And sweetish females. The smoke is retail A needless detail. Sling skins for a living? Hardcore poetry, Music, hitting Head charging my phone, Hold court Im on the page, locked in, Beach with palmTrees. Wish it was you writing on the page, a poem instead of me. Drinking with umbrella strawsRisking it … Continue reading Hell I wrote #73

There I go #72

Amazing time, Look around, The power of 9bservation, Marvels, frieghts & strange delights, Atrributes, properties, diciplines and novelties. Estranged lights and estatic paterns amidst the calender design, Wilderness tours guided by the blind, Kool rulers sweating in the shade, Dead wrong pagentry, Strobe lights to fade, Lottery and games, Slight of hand provided by extravagant, … Continue reading There I go #72

When the world cries #71

When the world cries. Is the World ready to cry? Loving money clutching, Pulse rushing, clutching untill insanity, They want to see me buried, but I aint worried. Blackout poetry touching everything that panicks. Ducket style rushing, untill I'm a old man, Pen close to my hands, Sleeping with the infared beam that I see … Continue reading When the world cries #71

Never move the same #69 #poem #poems #poetry

But whose to blame, Made a rally in this dark alley. Out of sight and out of mind my motto, Hope I make it to see tomorrow, The principled language here is gunfire. Holy man, mad men and diciplesFor a cause, Their strategy? Puncture brains and leaving your veins free of puncture wounds. Posionous reverands … Continue reading Never move the same #69 #poem #poems #poetry

We advance as one #68 #poem #poems #poetry

To win we must stay together, My empire where the king gets fired, Overthrow the Devil and StampedeThe office, And religious rituals and blind individuals, Stabbing the darnkness, Faceless persons is all thats left, Faces of intensity my mind is convinced, It's destiny, Filled with suspense, From the dark ages and the dark sea, Sinister … Continue reading We advance as one #68 #poem #poems #poetry

The best side of me #67 #poem #poems #poetry

I have a ways to go. Deal the cards, Shuffle up, Not on the same course. Remain floored, Can't afford to weather the storm, because the rain pours. Working on my last laugh in the mirror, What's a visionary without dreams, Imagination to reroute things, A marathon is not about speed, Pacing myself without greed, … Continue reading The best side of me #67 #poem #poems #poetry

Major weight #66 #poem #poems #poetry

Major weight, because every dollar counts. Penning verses in foreign places. Destiny in the game. Dangerous in this strange world. Heathens left to serve untill none is breathing, Achieving, on the stroll everyday and all day Barely alive. Terror dome swerving on the highway from Monday to Friday, Disquised vocabulary laced with homicide ready to … Continue reading Major weight #66 #poem #poems #poetry

One kingdom #65

5 heroes, Each with unique power, Fighting to survive but to reign supreme over the savage kingdom. Win or die, Rule of the kingdom reserved for the strong, Queen of the marsh keeper of the pride, Slaying giants is her speciality, Proof of absolute power, Takes brute strenght and iron will. Place on the throne … Continue reading One kingdom #65

Snake dreams #64

Awaken to a world familiar with dangers, Built for survival, Lacking genrous fangs, My constricting embrace may do the trick. Today no such luck. Hang out conspicuously on the tree for hours, Constant lookout for dangerReady to squawk, At a nice snack. Predator and prey dont seem to notice each other. Im still hungry. Smooth … Continue reading Snake dreams #64

Daylight to nightbreak #63

Come Hell or high water, Slaughter poachers. Just another lost soul, Calling for Jehovah, JGggggggggg! Brandish my pen like a cobra, Madman being sober on a one man mission, Ambitions to hold up the whole game. War to the city. With each breath, Death before dishonor. A general in war, Heavily armed, but im not … Continue reading Daylight to nightbreak #63

Are you fading me #62

Not going to act a fool or be rude. Call me JG, I'll have a drink of plain Pepsi. Hesitation might have to get replaced, Unlisted might be twisted, Mostly distant, Aunties down to triplets, No competition, Evade to play, Conversation and participation. Did I introduce JG, who are you speaking to? Believable, Everything stops, … Continue reading Are you fading me #62

Motivation for your rough trails #61

We all can't be a son of the earth, Half poet half preacher, The richest place on the planet is a graveyard. You don't know whats happening, Because someone has taught you to suffer peacefully. My life is a work of art, A couple words on the page to hurt the heart, The paintings on … Continue reading Motivation for your rough trails #61