#57 It’s a beautiful life

It's a beautiful life, Pulled myself out the hole, Trying to get the gold, Amongst everything that was told, There's no time to let it go, It's a beautiful life. Good morning, Wake up Jason and earn, Cheated on every test, On this day I become legendary. Not scared of the future, Hearing threats about … Continue reading #57 It’s a beautiful life

#56 A fall day amongst spirits

Fly like a eagle, into the rain, Resting a little when I can, Rain drops splashing on my cheeks. Taking a two hour walk, listening to podcast. When I get back I'll have a carmel machiatto. A glass of water faintly will also do the trick. My arms expose my bones, Engines drown out my … Continue reading #56 A fall day amongst spirits

#55 Supreme redrum

Style from New York to Nigeria, Spoken through the monitor with the wisdom of a dynamical professor, Word cannon processor, The militant ancestors, Caputured your mind and put it in isolation, Control the soul automation. Mechanical slaves, Moses celebrating withs guns and roses. Tongues symbolic to a ax, In the world like I'm Mad Max, … Continue reading #55 Supreme redrum