When the world cries #71

When the world cries.

Is the World ready to cry?

Loving money clutching,

Pulse rushing, clutching untill insanity,

They want to see me buried, but I aint worried.

Blackout poetry touching everything that panicks.

Ducket style rushing, untill I’m a old man,

Pen close to my hands,

Sleeping with the infared beam that I see in my dreams,

Screaming whats the meaning,

Caskets multiply.

Did I shed tears or did I shed blood.


Addiction to friction has me insane,

Quit my ambitions and shed a tear.

All alone, no communication, block on the phone,

Where did I go wrong

Put my soul in a poem,

Mind is gone,

Something changed in this dirty game,

A wordlwide thing

Nobody violates the Don in my haphazard mind,

Pepertrate to handle my words

Take a command of your dreams or be left drowning,

Regulate areas the terror I represent

Am I cold or is it just I sold my soul

Dont let me suffer any longer,

Whens the end of all my misery
When the world cries,

Watched from Heaven or Hell
Most dearest
Let the angels let me fly,

Down here to drive

Recognize or realize Rolling untill the world cries.

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