Humble like a monk #70

Humble like a monk.

Heart beating like God’s.

Take charge and come home to a massage and a line of credit cards.

Through difficult times its hard to maintain,

Strive to live in a shelter that blocks out the rain,

The rain is pain,

Late night it’s hard to sleep with one eye open,

By the river,

Mental explosion as I meditate,

Remain calm like the ocean don’t puff anymore war potion,

Like slow motion staring at the stars.

Surounded by trees,

I feel like a fallen leaf,

Blown away by reality and a strong breeze,

But I’m free still on my phone letting knowledge be reborn,

When I came to your door
And that cold telephone call horror
Of the night,

And you came out to meet me,

And you tell me things as we sat outside,

All this time we are holding on,

Lifting us up where we belong,

Life takes over like a storm,


Hold my crown and hold my pen.

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