Never move the same #69 #poem #poems #poetry

But whose to blame,

Made a rally in this dark alley.

Out of sight and out of mind my motto,

Hope I make it to see tomorrow,

The principled language here is gunfire.

Holy man, mad men and diciples
For a cause,

Their strategy?

Puncture brains and leaving your veins free of puncture wounds.

Posionous reverands and razorblades hidden inside the Bible.

Conquer your honor in a battle of honor,

Thoughts elevate to capture heads who worship Adam and Eve,

From the garden of eden and follow the prince of thieves
Verse burglar,

Silent weapons used as instruments of combat in silent wars.

I came with a scam and a bulletproof plan,

Super magnetic infinite concious,

Thirsty with time to waste,

The forecast,

Supreme General of the army.

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