We advance as one #68 #poem #poems #poetry

To win we must stay together,

My empire where the king gets fired,

Overthrow the Devil and Stampede
The office,

And religious rituals and blind individuals,

Stabbing the darnkness,

Faceless persons is all thats left,

Faces of intensity my mind is convinced,

It’s destiny,

Filled with suspense,

From the dark ages and the dark sea,

Sinister plans,

Forbidden by the C.I.A.

Engaging in war games as we live in the last days,

Urban warfare and knuckle up and prepare,

Fugitive avoiding major danger,

Thoughts beaming so high you better duck,

Brain holding ammunition like a aircraft carrier,

My heart pulses blood that keeps me brave,

The new world order where all poets become enslaved,

They dig there own graves as I rush the spots and burial plots and make it hot,

Hideout in the marriot,

With seven maniacs with wooden bats,

I’ll penetrate a stargate,

Get thrown in lakes in all 50 states,

Who will defend her,

Shotguns la costra nostra.

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