The best side of me #67 #poem #poems #poetry

I have a ways to go.

Deal the cards,

Shuffle up,

Not on the same course.

Remain floored,

Can’t afford to weather the storm, because the rain pours.

Working on my last laugh in the mirror,

What’s a visionary without dreams,

Imagination to reroute things,

A marathon is not about speed,

Pacing myself without greed,

Life expectancy meets karma,

A tortured sinner that preaches horror,

Speak martyr.

Demon whisperer labeled a beast charmer,

Food for your thought if you want your peace larger,

Vivid scriptures that I author,

Aim at the target like a elite archer,

See sharper,

Words eternal,

When the stakes is high turn the grill up.

Words of wisdom looking for validation can hurt my vision.

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