Daylight to nightbreak #63

Come Hell or high water,

Slaughter poachers.

Just another lost soul,

Calling for Jehovah,


Brandish my pen like a cobra,

Madman being sober on a one man mission,

Ambitions to hold up the whole game.

War to the city.

With each breath,

Death before dishonor.

A general in war,

Heavily armed, but im not similar to Sadam,

I question Husain,

For the last vein stuck in the game.

Sandstorms while I transform,

Watch me.

44 figures and no love,

Like Kadaphy.

Posse on my trail,

Avoid capture,

I’m caught up in the rapture,

Still trying to capture me.

I’m in the U.S. sipping on hot chocolate.

Crooked in all 50 states,

Controlling it all from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Building to father, will I survive?

Like demons late night, hear them screaming,

Pulse rushing,

Poems piercing the Equator.

Paying dues, Avoiding imfamous crews,

Every waking momemt, a quest to be better.

Position myself to prosper, but at times I slip,


I shall admit it,

To hard to live it,

Riding with JG.

Feels good.

Write when I’m bitter,

Giving the world Hell,

And in the morning giving them more.

I’m guessing a peace treaty wouldn’t feed me.

Still have to take the trash out.

Snakes and vultures are cold hearted.

Rush the Royal Flush.

State to state for NY to Cali.

Terminal disaster for the style I wish to master.

Play it at my funeral.

No need to explain,

The notorious untouchable.

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