Are you fading me #62

Not going to act a fool or be rude.

Call me JG,

I’ll have a drink of plain Pepsi.

Hesitation might have to get replaced,

Unlisted might be twisted,

Mostly distant,

Aunties down to triplets,

No competition,

Evade to play,

Conversation and participation.

Did I introduce JG, who are you speaking to?


Everything stops,

Whats your frequency?

Making proposals, I’m full of verbal indecency with flashlights.

Holding my position,

Competition is never ready,

Holding a machete, you know JG my alias at least thats what I heard through the grapevine.

Rather take me but retaliation takes time,

Eternal kamikazi suicide missions, I’m penning turning readers to victims.

All day to make them all pay.

Immortal when I see you eye to eye.

Unload and explode the unfolding.

The vicious whose suspecious,

Poetic commando.

How much can you handle?

Writting on paper turn it into a candle,

Specifically with no sympathy.

Closed caskets?

First the calm then comes the panic,

Like a earthquake that rattles and shakes the whole planet.

Can you understand it?

Strategize, but no one goes unless I planned it.

I dont write poems to say them,

try but you can’t get it.

Overcome fear and hand me your soul like I’m Christ.

44 projects.

Dont need it all.

Oppose me?

Alias is what? JG?

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