A love tale #60

A tale of love and loss does unfold,

In the bustling streets of New York so bold.

Two hearts, once joined as one, now torn apart,

By the cruel hand of fate, with a heavy heart.

The city whispers secrets of heartache and pain,

As the lovers wander, lost and alone in the rain.

One, a brave warrior, strong and true,

The other, a fair maiden, pure and blue.

But alas! The Fates are not kind,

And their love is left far behind.

For a twist of fate, a turn of the wheel,

Has brought them to a bitter, bitter deal.

And so they go their separate ways,

Leaving behind memories of better days.

But though their love may fade and die,

Their memories shall never, ever, goodbye.

So let this tale be told far and wide,

Of love that flourished, then tragically died.

For in this city of dreams and desire,

Love is a flame that does ever expire.

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