New Years Day 2023 update

What can I do with a huge bank of information? They say nations go to war for information. Now how do you explain disinformation?

Would like to write about big topic news events that stand the test of time like over a decade, not just fly by night trendy click bait news. News thats long lasting, but nothing is really that much long lasting these days with the 24 hour news cycle.

If all great nations eventually crumble, will big tech finally have a competitor that can compete and make big tech extinct, especially with the new technologies that’s on the horizon.

Who will come for Google’s crown?

Will I burn everything but Shakespeare?

Really would like to try to send my selfies to a app to make digital art. Seems appealing.

I’m assuming cost of intelligence and cost of energy will go down. Maybe even a thousand times cheaper. What will I be willing to spend a thousand times more for with the current days dollars? Entertainment, education, a tutor

Can I tackle creativity and make highly creative things and go into the forrest to make art…

Would like to make beutiful poetry.

Theres no wrong answer with creativity, no penalty for getting it wrong…

Is it just nice sounding words with no opinions?

If you can only see my behind the scenes blueprint bullet points…

Would like to Rehearse the revolution for 2023…

My reading list is heavy duty just ridiculous.

My self identity? Would like to take a page from 1923…

Would like to elaborate and expand my Dream papers project with me detailing and maybe attaching a image that symbolizes my dreams at night which have been elaborate and numerous lately.

  • Hell I wrote #73
    Eternal bleeding, Oils, And sweetish females. The smoke is retail A needless detail. Sling skins for a living? Hardcore poetry, Music, hitting Head charging my phone, Hold court Im on the page, locked in, Beach with palmTrees. Wish it was you writing on the page, a poem instead of me. Drinking with umbrella strawsRisking it … Continue reading Hell I wrote #73
  • There I go #72
    Amazing time, Look around, The power of 9bservation, Marvels, frieghts & strange delights, Atrributes, properties, diciplines and novelties. Estranged lights and estatic paterns amidst the calender design, Wilderness tours guided by the blind, Kool rulers sweating in the shade, Dead wrong pagentry, Strobe lights to fade, Lottery and games, Slight of hand provided by extravagant, … Continue reading There I go #72
  • Rebellion in the Glitched Future #1
    The futuristic world, Love a glitch in the system A rebellion waiting to happen.
  • When the world cries #71
    When the world cries. Is the World ready to cry? Loving money clutching, Pulse rushing, clutching untill insanity, They want to see me buried, but I aint worried. Blackout poetry touching everything that panicks. Ducket style rushing, untill I’m a old man, Pen close to my hands, Sleeping with the infared beam that I see … Continue reading When the world cries #71
  • Humble like a monk #70
    Humble like a monk. Heart beating like God’s. Take charge and come home to a massage and a line of credit cards. Through difficult times its hard to maintain, Strive to live in a shelter that blocks out the rain, The rain is pain, Late night it’s hard to sleep with one eye open, By … Continue reading Humble like a monk #70

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