#57 It’s a beautiful life

It’s a beautiful life,

Pulled myself out the hole,

Trying to get the gold,

Amongst everything that was told,

There’s no time to let it go,

It’s a beautiful life.

Good morning,

Wake up Jason and earn,

Cheated on every test,

On this day I become legendary.

Not scared of the future,

Hearing threats about how they will send the dogs,

Telling tales at the wake.

Call me the crypt keeper.

A toast to the good life!

The vivid tales of a visionary,

Headed towards a cemetery,

With grand dellusional thoughts of being legendary.

How many years? And being at a loss in the cross hairs,

I’m kinda lost here,

Writting like you all care.

Let’s make it all clear its not all poetry.

Have this feeling that I’ll be in power soon,

A rose from the concrete is how this flower blooms,

Standing alone a midst of a crowded room,

Wake up with no money, then why would I go to sleep.

Same things same results,

Making you convert like a muslim that found the cross.

That’s my story and yea im sticking to it

Never thought I end up being a victim to it,

Just wanted people to read it.

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