#56 A fall day amongst spirits

Fly like a eagle, into the rain,

Resting a little when I can,

Rain drops splashing on my cheeks.

Taking a two hour walk, listening to podcast.

When I get back I’ll have a carmel machiatto.

A glass of water faintly will also do the trick.

My arms expose my bones,

Engines drown out my peripheral vision,

unfamiliar wind’s outside,

My hoodie over my face,

Gloves stuck from the sweat of my hands,

Somewhere beneath my feet,

Thousands of steps taken, loads of meditation and endorphins.

It’s a long long road,

It’s 12 in the afternoon. Way passed dawn.

The sun trying to pierce through the clouds turning its back on me and not heating my back.

Troubled bowl of rice crispies,

finds it’s way up my throat from earlier before,

brimming with joy
Tears of joy,

bringing an end to pain.

This endless sensation clings to me,

It plagued me nearly all of october and its 87 miles,

Drifting clouds above the Aqueduct Trail,

Neigboring the Hudson River,

Suspended clouds twist and turn
along with me,

Flying like a eagle into the rain.

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