#55 Supreme redrum

Style from New York to Nigeria,

Spoken through the monitor with the wisdom of a dynamical professor,

Word cannon processor,

The militant ancestors,

Caputured your mind and put it in isolation,

Control the soul automation.

Mechanical slaves,

Moses celebrating withs guns and roses.

Tongues symbolic to a ax,

In the world like I’m Mad Max,

The consequence of the 6th prince.

Hot venom stimulates me,

Thoughts generating like hot forms of energy,

Ultra magnetic synthetic,

My mind is energetic,

Burning like oil,

High octane,

Letting it drain upon the Bronx soils,

The spoils
Of war,

Stuck between my poem coils,

Reciting a war poem,

The captain’s log,

It’s espionage.

Words getting large,

Particles ripping through the article.

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