#54 Back from the dead

Look whose back from the dead,

Dug out my own grave.

Wipe the dirt off my shirt,

Kicking the tombstones over.

Flowers for the dead,

Drag my coffin to the church,

Hit the preacher with the shovel,

because he thought I was cursed.

He seen the Devil in me,

Evil in my eyes he seen a demon in disguise,

Who would believe I would survive.

They left me for dead,

They believed I would die,

Thinking im grieving when I cry,

That’s just tears from my angry self.

If anybody can make it back Jason can,

The days are long gone where Jason had to play the fool,

Today is going to end and I haven’t picked today to lose.

Guess whose back to living life,

A shadow in the dark,

Back to claim whats mine.

Crawled out my own grave with redemption on my mind.

Shook the dirt off my back,

Read the words thats on my shrine,

This man is not dead, never really was his time.

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