#52 The infamous

The game I’m above it,

Under pressure,

My rebellion, having the whole NY state aiming at your face.

The days are numbered in low digits,

Grade A something delicious.

Using me as a crutch.

Hitting like a sledge hammer,

With platinum grammer,

Figuring I’m a apostle,

Dont act hostile,

Like hurricanes and typhoons,

Eyes on my enemies,

Taking power leaving my mark on this planet.

The essence in which I emerge,

Living up to my words,

I think they coming in herds.

Destroy and conquer and light the sky like thunder,

Increase power solar mind controller,

Title holder,

Uptight when I’m sober,

Sticking you with my devil horn,

Would you for free?

The sky is high and the clouds are low,

But my water technique is a harder technique,

And I absorb water.

What do I have to lose,

Click my heels three times and grab the magic wand,

Stranded out of this world
In mars,

Burning like a laser beam,

Quoting degrees from furtune tellers,

Deadly horror venom snake bite,

Spread out and parlay or get hit with a ash tray,

While playing guitar strings out in Spain.

My backs against the wall.

Bombing devils with tricknology.

Heart cold like Russia.

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