#50 To the militia

All seasons for all reasons.

Dearly departed.

Reminiscent, inhaling chocolate,

To my nemesis pardon,

Partners in crime and corner the market.

Pardon my persona,

My aura glistens,

Devise plots and propositions,

Walk slow, patrolling all existence,

The key to New York, plus suites for secret mamis,

Leaving all the horrors behind me,

Just tryna breeze and perhaps leave my roots overseas,

This game is a death trap,

I strive for deficits, riches and set backs.

Triple 6 camaflouge,

Emotionally scarred from being left back,

BX to the world untill they observe.

There’s a war nowadays,

Nothing has changed since my younger days, tryna get a slice of the shade,

Trapped in this cold world,

Naked and ashamed,

Leaving the world blasting the 44 r.i.p. to him.

I’ll meet you in the sequal,

Heavy thoughts in my cerebral.

I hate wakes, burials, hospitals and heart patients,

Woman with scarfaces,

In the dark places.

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