#49 Imperial back at it

Feeding you jewels,

The taint of blood from a cursed scholar from Cruger Ave.

Rehearse poems,

Repent for the sins

That torment the worst souls,

A king’s words,

Covered in jewelry,

Fighting my demons, I’m weaving the first blows,

A morbid tale of those who often fail,

Library’s with lies buried already lost the trail.

Pardon the shine,

Seeing visions in parts of my mind,

All by design,

Living life in the darkest of times,

The deepest waters got sharks and their prime.

Commandments of a violent preacher,

Beating you while waving the cross,

Can’t prepare for battle the day of the war,

Life is a win, so laying in graves is a loss?

Cycle of sins,

Shining luxurious.

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