#48 Drop you a line

Looking me dead in the eyes,

Feeding me lies,

To keep me happy,

Plotting on my demise,

Trying to trap me, but I rise,

In this track meet I won the prize,

I don’t compromise and it all comes from pride.

I ramble on these poems,

My mind in shambles to be prestine,

But I’ll gamble on a quick scheme,

Already had a queen,

So I don’t have to chase a dream girl.

Have I weakend your doubt

What’s a plug to a outlet,

Without stress,

I won’t keep my enemies close,

Wont turn a wolf into a house pet,

There’s no living without death,

Life is a crap table,

And the reapers making his side bets,

I digress,

Is it really to much to digest,

It’s about progress if your tryna stop death,

I side step and I’m not dancing with Satan,

So much information for you to process.

Who has next?

Think that I’m finish, but I have a lot left,

Don’t want to take part want to take over.

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