#47 Closed caskets and open doors

Killing for power before ghost reform.

Birth into a revolution I never chose,

Grew up kinda cold but I never froze.

Death is king and guns are crowned.

Living is a fight and I’m a challenger.

I dont brag I breathe,

Sent from above without a directors cut,

When your fantasy becomes your reality and analytics predicts your salary.

Living online is a flash dream,

Every woman online is a flashy queen,

I dont know what happy means,

Home alone, classic scene.

To calm raising the stakes,

The soups done, make you a plate,

Food for your thoughts,

Now everyone is a expert,

Funerals turn to photos and victories turn to tragedys,

Calling me king just call me your majesty.

Devil on my shoulder,

disappearing when the sin is done,

A picture worth a thousand words, but I’m just tryna win in one.

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