#46 Breaking the chain

Staking a claim,

Putting my groundwork before I make a name.

Writting the Bible to the game,

Now its time to white out the blunders,

A few testaments,

A new exodus

Scripture by scripture,

True excellence,

Can’t leave it up to God, because I’m a true pessimist,

It was dead and gone untill I blew breath in it.

Look into my eyes as if they was strobe lights,

Intense glare,

You should probably fear what I dont write,

Buying things you dont need to impress the people you dont like,

Talking to God, but its not for repentance.

Your relegion is vague,

Would you plant a tree if you knew you couldn’t sit in the shade?

Coming from the dirt like I’m digging a grave,

When I write with a vision its hard to recite it,

The same words that bounce off you in public scar you in private

Hardly excited,

Partly divided,

Yesterday’s run wont win you today’s race.

Brave gravediggers.

My grass is cut,

Im watching these snakes slither.

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