#45 Hate when it’s suitable

Glance at the scripts, but never knowing the plots,

Ability to read a room is the reason I stay home a lot.

You adapted to the dark,

I was born in it.

Storm off the paper horrific,

Giants dont involve midgets,

Money doesn’t grow on tree’s, but I see the roots of evil,

Who is equal? On a godly tear with words,

What god made me.

Born with a pack of wolves and they all raised me,

Great when the odds face me,

Placed with these circumstances,

But earn my chances,

Not entitled to think that every question deserves a answer.

Forget redemption,

These words are sharp enough to cut through tension.

Pressure makes diamonds so you should probably expect force.

A grim odyssey,

I dont write these poems modestly,

No mythology,

God speaks to my soul,

Tell the devil to hush,

No irrelevant bluffs,

Fell in love with the pains,

But it was mostly lust.

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