#44 Thinking about self

Unless I’m insane.

Screw all the fairy tales.

I brainstorm Hurricane Sandy’s and I write Katrinas,

Vivid dreamer,

Looking for a pot to whip Farina,

Sick demeanor,

Tigers dont dance in the dessert.

Use your passion.

You can get dragged to Hell just to view some action,

If your spoiled you’ll end up a rotten corpse.

What little life I had I lived it enormous,

Lacking endurance and a cheat code,

Success is knocking at your door, but most look in the peep hole,

A sign that you froze,

Who survives with a weak soul?

Get to know me in the flesh,

I’ll teach the language of death,

In the morning when your awake you just got to earn,

Make a living throughout your weekdays,

No time to be friends,

Only the strong survive,

To make sure the weekends,

Pretend, thats what most people do, they dont see it through,

That’s why you wont believe this view,

A toast to life in a sea of blue,

Frozen ice and sweetish fruit,

No advice, if you need the truth,

The lord put the world on my shoulders twice, because I needed proof.

We will keep this between me and you.

I dont use paper, I put the paper to use,

Against my evils,

Whose deciding which side will win.

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