#43 Trying to break into it

Addicted to trauma,

My soul vicious as Dahmer,

My soul dipped into armor,

Crossing over getting stripped by Mambas,

Indigenous monsters,

Life is a blessing, lets stick to this mantra.

My renditions are harsher,

My free thoughts worth its weight in gold,

Never taught to think, but take the safest road,

Save your soul,

Might be able to drive, but cant pay the toll,

The pain is old that won’t go away,

So we have some ways to go,

Sinister thoughts with no feelings involved,

Not taking the scenic strip,

I’ll proceed with grit,

A vivid masterpiece what my schemes emit,

Chaos seize to be a pit, but a ladder,

I touched the face of a demon,

Was scared of the resemblance,

I have some goals,

My path is gold,

Protect the sheep and kill off the wolves,

If the sheep survive who keeps all the wool,

and to kill a wolf you need other wolves,

I have to earn all the blessings,

Its a burning obsession,

Applying a certain agression,

Learning my reflection and no need for your affection,

Temporary friends will teach you permanent lessons,

Not concerned with your questions,

The sheep is always led astray.

God is with us predators reason you have to let us pray,

Rivals and competitors praying for a better day,

Dont stress the pain,

Use it as a step ladder,

Step passed you,

Loneliest wolves look for the best pasture,

Always putting my best foot forward to get my respect faster,

Only way of reaching the top is if im shooting for it,

If your not willing to claim your spot dont make excuses for it.

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