#42 Mother Earth

I’ve tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe,

I was not offended,

I knew I had to rise above it all,

Or drown in my own sorrows,

Standing in my greatness,

God’s favorite,

Rocking stars like King David,

Making woman drunk from the royal fragrance.

Observe me if your worthy,

Setting you on a throne with your own pen,

The depths of words and dark sentances,

Plenty literature, and it will all come to a end if I pen my signature.

My pen sharper from being a authentic author,

Image darker and pen disciple,

Every sentence a pencil scorcher,

Prescribing mental torture,

Immaculately in tact,

Strategy in fact,

The savagery with two batteries attatched,

My accuracy unmatched.

Infinite potential,

Mr. Temperamental,

Its essential,

Matter of fact no pens or pencils,

Suspenseful with my writting,

Influential bending your mental,

Drastically plotting,

Venom level high on level 5.

Alpha and Omega.

Calculate the labor.

Dont address the wounds of the past you will continue to bleed from it,

I just need some relief from it,

My speech punishing those who speak rugged,

With weak stomachs,

Your pleasure is dark and you dont treasure arts,

Your measures off,

Sleeping on wins waking up in the morning with deadly losses,

Im very harsh, but I speak with purpose,

Whats lying beneath the surface,

Try and you’ll find some diamonds in my recent poems,

I released the curses that I received from churches,

I believe in worship,

But im as dark as the suits, and shades of the secret service,

Coming with problems leaving in a hearst.

Making people nervous

Im a machine and you have to feed the circuits,

Matthew 13 verse 11

He answered and said unto them, because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it is not given

Eve when she meets the serpent,

There’s evil lurking in the hearts of many,

The scars are many,

The destroyer,

May you rest in peace.

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