#41 I shall return east

I want venture in the east.

Many wars and feuds I fought,

Tyranny and fear reaped upon my name,

In time I became a king,

By my own hand,

Legendary sagas on paper,

A journey,

Dont make the wrong choice,

A rich heart with a poor voice,

Looking for a trophy to hoist.

More poised then I’ll ever be,

Invoking my spirits like a devout Buddhist.

Came from the dirt, but I dont amount to it.

Soul is vicious when my heart is tainted,

Hell is biased like dusk till dawn.

Never get to close to hear a lion breath or become a lions feed,

Live through war to die in peace,

Never cry in grief,

To many lessons learned,

Giving me scraps instead of dinner,

Leaving me hungry made me a better sinner.

Cold rain making me regret the winter,

More to the cliff then the edge,

The moutain top, the waterfall,

Burn a bridge or burn them by bearing fruits.

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