#40 Who do you believe in

Unleash the beast thats inside of me flippin,

Now or never,

Sound the alarm lever,

Another shady mission,

Enough with shady tricks,

Blind insanity,

Destined for a plan for me,

Close my eyes and see pain,

The worlds crazy.

Maybe Im lost,

Being cautious trying to play my cards right,

At the bottom of the deck,

Searching for a ace.

Torment of my soul,

Written all over my face,

Roaming the dark streets alone
Till im gone,

My reincarnation kicks in born to a world that doesnt love itself,

Through my deepest thoughts and dreams,

Stranded alone in the zone,

Protecting my throne,

Not Al Capone.

Future behind me chilling where the snakes at.

Who do you believe in?

Watching my own downfall,

Witness the end,

Do I believe in God?

Because im living in sin.

Nobody mourns anymore,

Lost and abundant tears like rain drops,

What do we all fear?

Reflections in the mirror,

Can’t escape fate,

The end is getting near,

Asking and grieving,

Cant close my eyes because all I see is terror,

Hating the man in the mirror,

The reflection makes the pain turn real,

Times of Armageddon murder in mass amounts,

In the world where only getting the cash counts,

the bottom line,

Living just to die,

Begging for mercy,

Not knowing if im worthy.

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