#39 A true love song

In lifes young world,

The blood running without tools.

Mental expander,

Im the highlander.

So whats all the propaganda.

Contest on this conquest,

This poem voyager,

Verses deadly,

A forcefield my shield,

Like a ancient warrior,

Trapped in transylvania,

Strategize a invasion,

The mission with assasinations, and snipers,

To control the globe and hold the world hostage.

Warplan more deadly then who?

It was all written down in ancient scriptures,

A bullet pierced my true love song,

In lifes young world.

Read genesis,

For the verses,

X ray vision,

And verse specialist.

World terror,

With the razor blade that cuts the sharpest,

with a mouth like a uzi,

With full clips of swords who was killed by the lord,

The last platoon to set up a campfire by the moon,

Build to reveal soon,


Analyze my vision,

And join my collision,

A war conviction,

The militant chamber thats hidden or chapter,

Check the convoy,

As parachutes deploy,

A squadron of armed men,

Its sexist to surennder your souls and your weapons,

The wolves war is in session,

Pass the ammunition because it gets deeper,

Unheard and unseen,

awaken from your dreams,

A bullet pierced my heart,

Which was the true love song.

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