#38 Wake up

Play ball with the nine planets,

And the 10 commandments.

Intelligence doesn’t vanish,

No sovereignty for a civilized society.

Many wives and many rymes,

Scientifically designed,

Poem like a word landmine,

Hitting like a hammer upon a dollar sign,

Like the bridges I burn,

To light my way to Heaven or Hell,

Apocalypse ahead of the road,

Knowledge to behold,

The science of the globe,

The virus they uphold,

Scientists control the clouds and the throne,

Lions are walking and riots are taken hold,

Major cities,

And revelations sprayed,

Revolutions written,

Mystery inscriptions,

Kidnapping Pharoahs,

Delivering the wrath of God,

Heavy metal kings,

Constant elevation.

The world is just a illusion and you need to meditate,

Its all in your head,

In your head,

Wake up to a dream with the whole sphere unclean,

To Thailand to Beijing,

With energy thats surpreme,

With my regime,

Burning through the five senses of the chosen,

God versus evil and its not safe to walk amongst this cathedral,

May your foces be with you,

Covering the worlds atmosphere with potions,

When you read the verse you know that the truth has been spoken,

The universe collapses in the center of the inventor,

Will venture to create a black hole with flows,

Climbing upon a galaxy plateau,

Trap souls and comments that vomit.

Ufo shapes going through portals,

Billions of light going through supernovas,

A few souls Immortal,

Speaking from podiums saying names on forums,

Taking thunder out of a grave,

I strike lightening and quiet wars,

Silent bombs and bullet shells when im writting,

Violent poems building like the hills of Rome

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