#37 I am here

I am here,

Everything is temporary,

This too shall rot,

Intimacies that did not destroy us,

A dance through time,

With rebel blondes,

Drinking peach milk,

Swallowing her cruelty,

Noteworthy feast.

There is no end only transformation,

Turn it to wine, turn it to gold,

The double white line,

Uptalk lucky,

Surviving inside the human body,

and the lambs tail,

With forbidden words,

White noise crucible,

A bubbly future of champagne,

Good luck with the moon, stars, and stuff,

Only the moon and stars knows my wishes for you,

Maybe the moon has some crumbs,

Sweeter tomorrow with little fangs,

As we search for God tommorow,

Looking for a way back home,

I look at you instead of the road.

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