#36 Heaven and Hell

Heaven or Hell.

8 billion stories to tell,

9 planets keeping orbit faithfully,

The universe expands length.

My body possessed extra strength to uplift,

Terrorizing inferno burning so hot through my journal,

Like on Broadway surpassing all the hurdles.

Keep your alarms set to hear the street yelling freedom rings.

It’s dangerous to dream,

Killing fields need blood to graze the cash cow,

It’s a numbers game, but sometimes somehow it doesn’t add up.

Billions spent on national defense, but we still live in fear.

You are not alone in the terror zone,

They can hear you through a cell phone when your not at home,

One universal law,

But two sides to a story.

The Millennium is here and there’s 6 million ways to die,

7 deadly thrills,

Keep your belly filled,

Sights on the pretty things in life,

Just business no faces just lines and statistics,

Even numbers got limits.

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