#33 Seen by a king

Seen by a king,

And a phophetic vision.

Special broadcast with comcast,

Boosting ratings.

Fashion my first tool the pen,

And built a complex,

And a network of communication.

Masonic marvel and drop the next novel and marvel.

Love and hatred,

I believe the woman is the most sacred.

Might have to skip town for a month,

Operate the plan accordingly,

incase they are recording me,

Like Solomon.

Want to grave hunt me.

The smell of death is on me.

Peasants and old kings who sell everything for the divinity of God.

Pray three times when the moon is lit and when the sun rises.

Was given a deathkiss by Satan’s mistress,

On vacant districts,

And foreign relegions,

With ancient scriptures,

Candles lit and I gamble with a woman.

Bees with sweet honey between their mouth and legs,

Get stung as I walk through the chambers of death,

Scratching underneath the surface,

Where does your purpose lie?

It seems your will is worthless,

and will all pawns underneath the sky,

Faith is erased by reason,

The empty soul I breath in,

Keeps myself from giving in.

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