#32 Immortal face

Immortal face.

A 100 winters,

Im updated like the beast
Of ancient,

9 digits and mind physics,

Pyro arithmetic.

God of the new Bible,

Lake of fires, revival and old idols.

Jezebel days,

With microchip phones.

Im home grandma biblical.

Seductive how the devil moves,

Amongst Gods throne,

For every Jesus, theres a Judas thats caryying.

Reading my verse,

Pschopathic bliss,

My mathematics is sick,

The paper money is cyclops,

With the pyramid I watch,

Every hand that buys and watch,

Sport for all the girls on my block.

Young affairs,

I am what?

Dont come to close,

The power of dreams to devour the kings,

Donwloaded to the public and love it.

Power and equality.

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