#30 Writing in my notepad

Writting in my notepad,

Flipping through samples,

Finding more gold as I dig through the dirt,

With a shovel,

Throwing flames.

She’s my lottery pick.

Stop me cold,

Another body caught,

watch me freeze.

Why do I take souls?

In my heart and my right hand,

Jealousy and envy, but no more.

What happens worldwide,

The devil is a lie,

and a genius is confused.

Empires falling over woman,

I am the reason.

Tensions and misinterpretations.

The nemesis,

Thriving on ignorance,

Thousand foot fence keeping me from resources,

get around me.

Dear beef,

Here before the Bible,

murder it soaks.

What you see in the mirror?

Thousand blades.

Talk different, walk different.

To many cooks spoil the broth.

Well done is better then well said.

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