#28 Real life nightmares

Lets discuss my place,

All in shambles with low vibrations,

Will I ever get canceled.

Real life nightmares.

Enemies, cutting my face,

Whose lower then snakes.

Watch where you violate.

Demonics want me to come back.

My pen is still smoking.

She still on my horns.

Her soul leaves her body,

She has a man now, a king,

Its just a phase,

She’ll still come and lay it down,

Aimed with a disease,

Is this one thing,

With these young things,

Pain in words,

Putting my name in dirt,

Practicing with my pen untill my fingers hurt.

Fine taste and living unsatisfactory,

Trying to reach the high self for my goals,

Life’s sweet when I grab for the cash,

Always canceled my math class.

Bonus Poem

“You remind me”

You remind me,

Of sweet memories.

I seen your type before,

Must be deja vu.

Do you know what you remind me of?

I’ve seen you before,

You remind me of someone that I once knew,

Is it a dream or is it deja vu?

Just had to let you know,

didn’t feel like singing it,

Because I really dont know.

The way you talk,

The way you walk,

The way you move,

You remind me, yes you do,

The way you dress, the way you dance,

Stop Playing with my mind,

Because I dont know.

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