#27 Above the throne

Nightmares of the casket.

Bounties on the wall.

I take pesticides and drug the clones,

Have faith in the God’s Lordship.

Blood all over the swords,

Worshipping a dagger.

Blood around the body,

Circling the grief,

Dont know where im at so dont tempt me.

Gold rubiks.

Burden on society.

Small grave and a cold coffin with a 44.

The beast is inside of me.

Remove the wall where my backs against,

Son of the morning waking up early.

Throw the lease out?

Pulling strings behind the scenes,

And long stories told fast.

Nightmares of the last thorobread Lions,


Out here trying to rid the stress.

Recipes of a few good women,

Sipping on the bottle,

We are not promised tommorow.

Flip my cowboy hat to the side,

Something like a desparado.

Real JG, no funny acting.

My rivals against me for the tittle.

The future hasn’t been established.

Forgo the next generation.

Same patterns of what really matters.

Drove down the Deegan

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