#26 Petition the Lord with prayer

Petition the Lord with prayer.

Need a place to hide,

An asylum?

Mini skirts and chocolate candy,

A girl named Sandy.

Shall I sleep?

Shall I travel?

Take a walk up the hills?

Or love my neigbor?

Catacombs and bones,

And woman in Winter,

Growing and carrying stones to the river.

Hills and blocks are here to stay for me to roam, and leave home.

Building for a shallow grave,

I walk for freedom.

Must be something else I say to defend this place,

my space.

A Cobra on my left, a Leopard on my right,

Wrestling with Lions in the night.

The lights are getting brighter,

My Beats headphones getting louder,

Calling to the dogs.

Tropical treasures,

At the crossroads,

At the edge of town,

Having a good time.

Outskirts of the city.

We might ride and have some fun.

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