#25 The beast that stalks the earth

I seen your type before,

You read all the laws, but scared to go to war.

With a dangerous tongue.

Walking in the rain,

In the streets of New York,

Im a giant on top of your beanstalk,

Ripping up your flesh tissue.

Cats and shadows in every battle,

Dragging your brain across the gravel.

Allow me to travel.

No need to roam with my words thats infallable.

Maintain your order.

Running to panic like a marathon,

Another madman born to the planet,

Sending you to the pearlin gates.

I have screws loose like Norman Bates.

Chopping snakes heads off to earn a salary.

The devil chokes from my pen that smokes.

The gatekeeper sending terror,

And high beams, and the ghost of drunk feens.

Like scripture,

Smashed like a comet.

Promise to drain you,

The pen is my shepherd.

The paper brutalizer.

You heard the wiser.

Check the archives.

Explain my brain to the dark side,

And slowly attatck the mind.

I see you cry in fear.

Theres no surviving here.

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