#23 Want a queen on every continent

Escape the government and flee my residence.

Brilliant verses.

Time for me to settle down,

And shine.

I represent the key, but its a double edge sword,

Trying to be Godly,

In povertys back yard.

Free entreprises and lies is idolized.

Deep inside with no one to confide I hide,

Forced to reside in the northside,

United States is never penalized,

For being off sides,

So many lost lives.

Home of the beggars.

No relief came to the prophet.

Control nine planets.

Wisdom revolves around me, understand it?

Science, my poems are underated,

Like the pyramids, according to how they made it.

Few are chosen.

Below 32° your frozen.

Powerful refinement.

My words are Simon.

With a crush and the fusion,

Beyond 360° is a illusion.

Death, dumb, or blind super hypocritical.

The divine is what I miss,

Like checking for a visual reflection.

Supernatural, ultra gamma.

My pen is the energy compressor,

To a form of a threat to my enemies.

No begging to a end.

A sight to behold.

North American success can be won as a game.

The degrees is getting deeper then the subsconcious.

The state of the sleeper at nighttime.

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