#22 Military style

Will there be a war?

Automatically reign surpreme.

Laser beam rips your spleen.

Goodbyes, cries and soldiers lie.

Look beyond the skies.

Killing any savage mentally.

Solidify negative vibes,
That liquify,

By the masses, qualified by the gases,

Stampede the elements, universal.

Tabernacle ministries and enemies trying to diminish and finish me.

Mercenaries on a killing spree with the art of war,

Planting seeds is risky, like a arms struggle.

Immune to tight situations,

Maneuver my formations to different locations,

Rearranging the whole map,

Changing my blueprints,

Make sure my phone aint tapped, Jason.

We suffer the reign undisputed.

In focus, I hear them come,

Protect myself with intellect,

A New World Order,

Undocumented plotted notes to rattle earth,

Stabbing close.

Getting attacked with Covid with no antidotes,

No immunity, unable to save the community.

Camouflage camandos and desperados,

Take the world by storm.

Operation double attatck,

Cities seek and destroy double illumination.

The worship of light and Skull and Bones.

12 Cardinals and one Pope on this Arabian Night.

On the battlefield, warfare is revealed.

Coordinates and Navy Seals,

Set upon a blaze hotter then propane.

Army suits and veins.

Bloodstains and soldiers remain.

Invade armies and rule across the desert on camels,

And black horses,

Along the marshes,

Against my fortress,

I attack the four horseman,

Blowing it out of proportion.

Crafted in a line of fire is all that I desire.

Me inside a empire.

Bombs sharp like barb wire.

Poems hit the air like sky divers.

Gun powder rains like April showers.

Selling the soldiers that killed Jahovah and left a assasin with closure.

Casualities of war,

Battlegrounds ruled by lords,

Armed with swords.

I meditate for 7 miles,

Away from Kuwait, where the water runs like a fire,

And the moutains are weak,

While I collect heads,

Military style.

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