#21 Ukraine on fire

Why is the U.S. sending all this money to Ukraine?

Military Industrial complex?

What is, who is
Corpses that massively defend.

Weapons systems,

dont be funny,

Nuclear weapons are you kidding,

When at war the dollars rake in.

Money, money, money, moneyyyy, moneyyyyyy,

Trying to swindle me.

What do we need?

Everything you can cancieve,

To ensure defend.

Contractors, lobbyists,
Money machine,
Continual state of war,
War its all I know,
Will it help me,
Will it hurt me?

Billions to Ukraine,

Is it the strength of our national security?

Or worse is it undermining it.

Will Russia attack us?

Foment fear in my mind,

Is it rooted in reality?

Proxy war!

U.S. Proxy war with Russia.

With this engagement ring I thee wed.

Ukrain military shall be the chess pieces,

Amongst the geopolitical
Chess game.

Russia Regime change?

Is that our goal?

Anti Russia sentiment has been brewing in the mist,

Washington establishment,

Was it the opportunity they saw?

The invasion of Ukraine?

Am I in the most dangerous position….

America, world, have you been in this predicament?

Nuclear war breaks out,

A week, thirty days, Nuclear brink, Putin, Medvedev,

Russian nationalist leaders
Should they use the Nukes?

Maybe the tactical nukes,

How about the strategic nukes,

It doesnt matter,
To me,

Nothing really matters to meeeeeeeeee……

Theres no winner,

Nuclear war, World War Three,

Destruction of my world
As I know it.

What am I facing?

How shall I Protect myself?

No shelter for the American people,

Theres no place to go in this web we weave.

Blast, fall out, lack of food, lack of waterrr!

NYC PSA explosion?

Dam country,
Get inside, stay inside and stay tuned!


What happened to the Powerrrrrrr!

Stay tuned to what?

I dont got anything.

I dont need any false sense of security,

What the hell is radio active dust?

O wait the media, right….

I dont have anything.

Only five thousand Nuclear war heads, gulp!

I believe they have six thousand Nuclear warheads.

Flick the match.

Is it Putins war? Is it his fault?

United States, Nato countries are you fueling the war?

Maybe negotiate a outcome to cicumvent the destruction of the planet and life,

Dont fail me now.

Is this going to kick off?

What is Nuclear weapons policy?

Authorization from existential threat.

Boxed to a corner, losing face, anything else to lose.

People around the world I implore you,

A call to arms take the next action, make your voices heard,

Hold the leaders feet to the fire.

Save my future,

End the insanity.

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