#19 New world order

Im anti evil.

The Devils lethal he killed millions of people.

With my marine core.

Straight from the Trojan war.

The cape crusader.

Flame thoughts.

I’ll beat the case, cant ID my face.

Silencer, I’ll have you erased.

With my pirates starting riots with Osiris.

Math Ill apply it, but Im quiet.

Respect the Abbot.

Impregnate you with the wisdom of JG.

Have you in deep thought, might get diagnosed as a corpse and have a outta body experience.

Clear no interference.

On the physical form.

The spirits become one with the formless.

Now you feel the strongest.

You live for the longest.

Love a thousand years and a day without opening your mouth.

Attracted to the core of the earth, but I stay grounded.

Im surrounded with planets in the mist.

With the truth of life, residing in your bone marrow.

As large as a shadow.

A Diciple of the optic.

And hibernate in your mental state.

Sit back and wait for orders.

With this you dont need a tape recorder.

So lets prepare for the New World Order.

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