#18 Bear witness

Bear witness of those exercising their exorcism.

Voices from the dead.

Fighting a war in my mental.

Creeping through the graveyard.

Hunting tombstones.

Digging up skelatons and taking all their bones.

If they try to haunt me Ill give them the Holy Spirit.

Overwhelmd by the wicked inspirations,
From a evil Gin.

My ideas was spawned for thousands of years.

Im having recurring nightmares.

Being soaking wet strapped down to the electric chair.

To the left some Jackels in handcuffs.

At the bottom of the Holy Tabernacle.

My wounds soaked in salt, with my hands and feet nailed like to a cross.

But I made a escape by chewing my arm off.

Entered into the realms of understanding.

Piercing skulls with poisoned tipped arrows.

Read the signs.

A thousand doors to choose, you better hurry.

Up to your hands with quicksand.

Sinking deep into the Earth.

Thoughts possessed.

The first day of worth.

My turn to posses the matter.

Stab you with a piece of Jacobs ladder.

Thoughts become confused and shattered tragic.

Fiery thoughts of JGs magic.

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