#17 Chop the head of snakes

Chop the head of snakes.

The snake inside yourself shall be the first you take.

The non smoke has my karma glowing.

Gold armour.

Reaching a high state of nirvana.

Golden tablets transmitted by the Abbot.

Going through a crisis with all these devices.

And girls made of sugar and spices.

Bowing down to Isis.

Inside the lab, putting pen to pad.

Can you guess the weight of a snowflake?

Or how many times God made the earth rotate.

Mathematical data far beyond the stars.

Or my speed of thought that escapes New York.

Maybe to London as a import.

Stronger currents running rapid.

War commander.

Catching frost bite.

The owl, king or the maniac barbarian.

Have a fan in Romania.


Escape the telepathic gates and intergrate.

Causing one mind to elevate.


Like a earthquake, causing the earth to shake.

On release date, causing more graves.

Foresting for black cherries in cemeteries amongst burial plots that foiled the plot.

Master the forte.

Record the pain like a sword hitting a vein.

Foreign invasion of your brain tissue is the main issue.

Do I reign official?

My formula is C4 to the third power,
Of ice, fire and water.

Equation may cause torcher and manslaughter.

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