#16 Kiss the ring

Supreme all kneel and kiss the ring.

Blow steam from the families that scream your majesty.

To suffer the capacity of tragedy.

Holding them down like gravity.

The most anticipated.

Scream my name out JG.

Leaving the blood spilling in the streets.

From the hills of NYC the killing fields.

Speaking arithmetic thats to scientific.

Words that are explicit.

The God is Ill.

Cross my heart hope to die.

Any last prayers?

Concrete tacktics that cause casualties.

Rapidly threatening
To your residence past, present, and future.

Crosses with smiles and snake tongues.

Force of a new world 2022.

With infinite amounts of darts thats in the air.

Victorious with no opponents.

Using my components as the world lives demonic.

Bonus Poem

“Glorious bloodstreams”

Glorious bloodstreams, euphoria.

Have to be in a casket before you feel the love.

Devil touching my shoulder made me feel the flame.

Broken dames, basic business.

Untill the fire trucks pull up
Just to set the tone.

A wife like El Chapo.

Blinded from a full eclipse.

Send the world to Hell on a pulpit.

Crucifix myself to the sun.