#15 Poison like snake venom

Bombs and philosophies.


Arm robberies.

Flee with the lottery.

Will they spot me?


Battle scars from the explosion when my pen hits.


Check the forensics.

Inspecting the future and millenniums.

Millennium falcons

Shackling the masses,
With drastic poetry tacktics.

Melting the steal.

The display is graphic.

Take flight as I incite a war.

Control the globe slowly.

As the world turns.

I spread like germs.

The testament to those burning.

Game of life I play my position.

Do I?

On foreign lands jumping the gun.

Transforming into the Ghostrider.

Leaping into the fire.

The battlezone is torn.

Deadly words reigning surpreme.

Free rides on my thoughts
Praises due Jason L.

Judgement day is coming so conquer its war.

Death kisses held for ransom.


The world graceful.

Escaping from the dragons lair.

Vortex through your spine and ending up in your cerebral cortex.

War of the masses.

The outcome disastrous.

Names on walls, graves and plaques?

Receive penatlies for the act.

For I went back and received a penalty.

My heart was torn when I was born.

If you was a stray you will be slayed by this poem.

My mind travels through word form.

Giving me sight.

The relentlessness of the words fear none.

Season the degrees.

The waves burst.


Verbal foul hawk.

Connect words and thoughts to make my childhood walk.

Swift words.

Just a dosage.

To declare.

My pen is ferocious.

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