#14 Life the sword fight

I think first then I move.

Any weapon formed against me shall not prosper.

Including death.

Is death a weapon?

Rock and shock the nation.

The weak shall aproach with death.

Run into the hole in the wall and bang your head.

You remember?

What the universe told me.

Im pushing a 44 force that your doubting.

The devil shall cower.

Messiah setting my pen on fire.

The days vary.

Rebel to the grind and you cant barricade me.

Steamroll like a mack truck,
and shout my verses if they act tough.

The bad looking crooks.

I only been good for a minute

Speaking of the Devil did God get his shit right?

Whats trife is they killed me in a past life.

While I was writting this.

I or someone reneged and got blasted.

Tried again with a half mastered style.

You remember?

You know I dont remember

Death is a penalty, but killing is illegal.

I mastered the rapture.

The master killer.

Evidence is the stature.

Merciless hard to capture.

My words change like a chameleon.

Attacking my immune system.

Entering my bloodstream, I didnt scream.

With the pain my thoughts contain.

Enter the contender.

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