#13 Tunnel vision

The Hell raiser.

Raising Hell from the color of my words.

Terrorizing the land.

Riding through the town,
as the clock ticks.

Danger lurks in the dark.

Ripping charts apart with the art.

The hot vandal.

Saying goodbye at the battle.

The rebel amongst the rebelion.

The assasin.

Built rugged like a machine.

Deep like a Skynet threat.

Blowing up the plan as I scavenge for assets and expand.

Thoughts exploding on contact.

Number of poems like clips and shells.

Going to war.

Small change.

My words will live forever as I cross over.

87, 44, 99 2:44

Overlooking the Hudson River.

Lost in the sauce and the smoke.

The worse sticking needles, like a nurse or Voodoo doll.

Straight from the Bronx Zoo.

My new stomping ground.

The winter enters.

Jason rolling at night as he creeps.


Lethal weapon my pen.

Love pens like the movie Psycho.

Heres the order.

For the readers across seas.

Snatch up the compliments around the border.

Wishing on enough shooting stars like Escobar season.

Standing on my square.

There it is, im froze JG.

Chill J, we dont need that, its 1O pm.

Wheres my seed at woman?

Im feeling hostile like a apostle.

Flowing like the Christ, but im not speaking the Gospel.

The Holy Scrolls unfold the rolls as I attack the globe.

The ducket style.

44 and 1/60th commiting sins.

JLB doesnt forgive or turn the other cheek.

Slaying from here to South Africa, hearing the drums.

The planet freezes,
and no work.

The genius.

Will we get out of here alive?

Cant let them do me like Cain did Able.

The empire will fall and they shall lose every cent.

The flashlight enters and my past life enters with fastlife ventures.

Short arms and deep pockets

Whats the meaning of dope?

Tunnel vision.

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